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Our clients are packing on 10, 20, even 30 pounds of muscle in a very short time...

"Could it Really be This Easy to Double Your Muscle Gains In Literally HALF the Time You Spend in the Gym?"

bodybuilding guide

The answer is an incredible "Yes" and on the page below, I'll show you how our clients are gaining up to 30 pounds of muscle in 90 days or less... working out as little as 3 TOTAL hours a week!

This brand new approach to weight lifting produces 2 years' worth of muscle gains in just 2 short months... and you'll learn it all below...

Dear friend,

My name is Lester Maurice and I'm the head of Matrix Systems here in Southern California.

We're a group of personal trainers who study the latest muscle building research and are always on the lookout for the newest training techniques.

Our exercise pros have 20 years of experience in the muscle building field. They train and consult with competitive and non-competitive athletes who want to achieve max muscle and strength gains in the least amount of time.

Our goal here at Matrix Systems has always been to produce THE most effective training and nutrition programs available anywhere. We use the most current studies and research... as well as years of hands-on training experience with clients in the gym... to find out what works best to help guys gain the most muscle and strength.

We've uncovered some of the most incredible muscle-building methods known to man. And yes, we've seen a few duds and obvious failures as well.

But here's the thing... if you'd like to gain a minimum of 10 pounds of muscle in the next 30 days, we've got some pretty incredible news.

Our team of exercise researchers have discovered, without a doubt, what it REALLY takes to make muscles grow.

Over the past few months... they've developed an amazing training system so different... it will change the way you go about building muscle forever.

With this system... you don't have to be in the gym six or seven days a week... you don't need any expensive supplements... and...

You Don't Have To Train For More Than 45 Minutes

The exercise researchers who developed this program had one goal in mind: to find out HOW guys can gain the absolute MOST muscle in the shortest amount of time.

They did a double-blind test for 90 days. They took 500 advanced lifters and put them on a regular six-day a week workout. Another 500 advanced lifters did the Matrix Mass workouts.

The results were shocking. Guys in the first group showed almost no muscle or strength gains.

But here's the most incredible part: the lifters in the second group (the group that used the new workouts) gained an average of 10 pounds of solid muscle!

What's more... bench press increased by 30%... squats went up 35%... deadlifts by 58%... seated military press by 43%... and calf raises by 74%.

So not only did they gain muscle mass... their strength gains shot up through the roof.

Some of them put on 30 pounds with hardly any fat gained at all. Others gained 1 inch on arms, 2 inches in chest, and 10 pounds of muscle overall.

Many told us that they felt like they were growing every day. They thought they looked as good as guys using steroids.

Almost all of them said they had tried other programs... but NEVER had anywhere near the success as with this!

One client gained 15 lbs. of muscle in 90 days. Another gained 2 inches in all measurements... except his waist went down 2 inches.

Another went a year with no gains, then started this program and went from 207 pounds to 220 pounds of solid muscle with no increase in body fat.

His bench also went from 275 to 375! He said he had better gains in 90 days on this program than in the previous YEAR!

You Can use this to Reach Your Genetic Potential

Using our extensive background and latest research, we've developed what could be THE most productive muscle building workout program we've EVER put together.

It's true. After years of research... we've finally put the finishing touches on our New "Matrix Mass System" muscle building program.

This program has literally cracked the code on how to get BIG and powerful.

The Matrix Mass Program is a revolutionary muscle building program designed to help you pack on more muscle and shed unwanted body fat in the shortest time possible.

If you're frustrated with your results and want a new way to build muscle and lose fat on a consistent, ongoing basis... this is going to do it. The Matrix training program will help you pack on increased muscle size... faster than anything else you do.

The program works because it shows you how to train, recover, and PREVENT overtraining from happening. When you over train... your gains come to a fast stop.

But with this program... you'll avoid overtraining...

So you can keep Packing on Muscle Mass!

Believe me, you can develop muscle and strength gains at a much faster rate when you prevent overtraining from happening!

In other words, if you consistently train this way, chances are you'll NEVER over train again. It's true... with this program, you'll be able to train JUST right in order to recover and GROW.

The Matrix Mass program gives your body a chance to recover between workouts... so you make incredible gains and build the rock-hard body you've always wanted.

What you'll learn in The Matrix Mass Training Manual

This training manual is condensed into 11 separate and unique phases, which helps you cycle your training throughout the entire year.

It covers every "Critical Growth Factor" required to build more muscle size and strength... while ALSO losing body fat.

The real science of muscle recovery and growth is explained. Learn what the true limiting factor is to exercise frequency and how to enhance it.

Learn why training 2 or more hours a day tears the body down so it can't recuperate. Research reveals exactly how long to work out to take advantage of testosterone and growth hormone spikes.

Learn why strict exercise form is all wrong if you're interested in gaining maximum muscle size. We'll show you the right way to do each movement.

Find out why performing negatives and super-slow movements are counter-productive to muscle growth. Discover the right rep speed for gaining muscle.

Find out when you should perform low,medium and high reps for total muscle stimulation and development.

How long can you train at full intensity? Learn the latest scientific research on Phase Training. This one technique is THE key to constant muscle growth.

If lifting heavier weight is the only way you're're missing a large part of the picture. Learn about the different elements that affect stress and recovery.

Discover the most muscle-producing, high-intensity overload techniques.

Learn how to control the most catabolic (muscle-breakdown) hormones.

Learn about Maximal Fiber Stimulation and how to apply this unique concept in selecting exercises that stimulate the most growth and hormonal response.

Discover the important aspects about Instinctive training. Learn how to follow your body's signals to achieve rapid and consistent muscle growth.

The Superhormones in your body control muscle growth. You control their production every day through the type of nutrients you eat. Learn how to burn fat, build muscle and keep your body in a muscle-building state.

You'll Learn why Almost Every Lifter Is Dead 
Wrong In How They Work out

I can honestly say, without a doubt, that the workout methods you're probably using right now are cheating you out of a lot of the muscle gains you could be getting.

It's true! How you're working out right now can be improved by 75%... possibly more.

And I'm confident this manual is more effective and efficient way to train. In fact, I've seen guys literally DOUBLE their rate of muscle growth and strength gains with it.

In fact, most guys who are switching over to this new training system are seeing incredible results in just a few weeks. By dramatic, I mean doubling their muscle gains!

And they're adding inches to their arms... muscle to their back, shoulders, and legs

Quite simply, you can use this same training routine to get...

Twice the Muscle Gains in Half the Time in the Gym!

And I don't care if you've been working out for years or you're just starting out.

This Matrix system will have you packing on more muscle in the next 2 months than you have in the previous 2 years! You'll see faster results with just a few short, intense workouts each week.

So while your buddies are slaving away in the gym for 2 hours a day, 6 days a week... you'll be making more gains with less time in the gym. I'm talking as little as 3 total hours a week.

Sound impossible? It's not. And this new training program will show you exactly how to do it.

You won't have to struggle for years finding what works and what doesn't, like most guys do.

Get the Massive, Unlimited Growth You've Always Wanted!

Look, the fact is, just about ALL GUYS spend their entire lives struggling in the gym. Most will never, ever find a program that produces the constant, gains they want.

Most will try out a new program and see some pretty good results for a month or so. But then BAM... they hit a wall and all results stop coming.

Does this sound a little familiar?

Some guys will keep doing this for years. Others will find another routine in the latest muscle magazines, only to keep getting the same results, over and over again.

The biggest reason this happens is because most guys just train too often. And as a result, they over train and never allow their muscles to rest and recover from intense training.

And that puts a stop to ALL muscle gains.

Natural hard gainers tend to hit plateaus after every couple months of training. And it's frustrating to grind out rep after rep... day after day... and have no muscle to show for it.

And you can blame overtraining on this plateau.

The Key to Continuous Muscle Growth...

You see... you've been handed so much B.S. by all the muscle mags and supplement companies... it's been too confusing for you to get the body you want!

A HUGE mistake most guys make with their weight training is they try to copy a workout routine that they got from a muscle mag. The problem with this is... these workout routines are written by professional bodybuilders... FOR professional bodybuilders.

These guys don't train like you and I. They use a ton of different performance enhancing drugs that allow them to train more, recover faster, and pack on muscle quicker.

If you tried to copy their routines and work out for hours a day like they do... it would stop your body from gaining muscle because of overtraining.

That's The Single WORST Thing  When Trying to Build Muscle

These routines literally CAUSE you to over train. They have you doing way too much.

Look, if you want strength and muscle gains to keep happening, you have to give your muscles plenty of rest after training. If not, they'll never be able to recover and recuperate... gaining more muscle in the process.

Well, no worries because this new program can make it happen faster and easier than you ever imagined possible.

The approach in this program requires LESS time than you're currently spending, AND it produces better results.

Gain Muscle Mass Faster... without Hitting a Plateau!

2 month on this program and you'll be seeing 30 to 40% more muscle gains then you're getting right now.

Honestly, you'll keep seeing even more dramatic and impressive gains the longer you use this program.

That's because you'll continue to prevent over training from happening... WHILE you keep packing on muscle mass.

Bottom line, if you spend just 3 hours each week training the way I show you how in this program, there's no stopping your muscle gains.

This Program Literally Prevents Overtraining

This breakthrough approach to limit overtraining and increase muscle growth is literally unlike anything else you've ever tried.

By making a switch to this program, you'll no longer be overtraining and you'll be able to INSTANTLY accelerate your muscle gains

And it's so simple and easy, you won't believe it. That's why I ask you give me the 2 months to try it and see the results for yourself. By then, you'll be blown away by the results.

You don't have to remember any complicated training routines... because most of the exercises you'll be using are ones you're familiar with now.

The main difference is... I'm going to show you how to train to prevent overtraining from happening again! This will force you to KEEP growing muscle at an incredible pace.

Can you imagine what 2 months or even a full year of continuous muscle growth will be like?

That's exactly why this training program is different than anything else out there right now. It's geared specifically for those who want to gain more muscle and do it in a lot less time.

It's Literally the Fastest, Most Effective Muscle Building Program

And the best part is, you don't have to know or understand anything about overtraining, plateaus, or anything else.

Just follow what I have in the program and you'll prevent overtraining from happening!

I promise... you'll be amazed to see the kind of growth this program produces for you in such a short time.

I'm going to prove to you that working out and training intelligently is the only way to keep making more and more muscle gains.

Because when you train smart, you can prevent the plateaus that stop most guys from ever packing on any kind of real muscle. Just a short time using this program and you'll have the kind of body that demands respect and gets attention no matter where you go.

Trust me... this program will help you achieve levels of strength, size, and muscularity you never knew were possible.

Clients Have Gained 10 lbs. of Muscle in just the First Week

The results have literally astounded me.

You'll laugh when you hear guys in the gym talking about being "hard gainers" or when you hear them talking about hitting plateaus.

You'll know how easy it is to get around it... and you'll truly love how it feels when you're walking around the gym... looking bigger and bigger each and every week... while all the other guys keep looking the same!

The gains you get will keep coming and coming, as long as you keep using the program. You'll gain more solid lean muscle than you ever dreamed possible.

The secrets in this program are the result of 20 years of trial and error, thousands of hours of research, and continuous study by my team here at Matrix systems.

If you want muscle size, use this. If you want more strength and less fat, use this.

I hope you don't mind the extra attention you get from being so much bigger and more muscular. You can't gain this much size, pack on this much muscle, and get this strong without gaining a little bit of attention and turning some heads when you walk by.

Your Friends Might Ask if You're Taking Steroids!

Bottom line... try out this program today and kick start your muscle gains into overdrive.

In no time, you'll start gaining muscle as fast as you want.

These secrets will separate you from all the other guys in the gym... you know, the ones that keep looking the same! 

These secrets mean a chance to gain more size in the areas you want it most. You're going to gain muscle so fast... you'll wish you had known about this years ago.

Get that unfair advantage over other guys in the gym. Let them keep training in their foolish ways. You know better now.

Here are a few more things you'll learn:

*        Learn the single best way to train to gain more muscle than anything else

*        Find out how to push your muscle growth far past your genetic potential

*         Discover how long you MUST keep your workouts under so that way you don't over train AND you keep your body releasing muscle-building hormones.

*         Learn how long to rest between sets so you're at your strongest

*         Discover all you need to know about doing your reps and sets in the gym

*         Find out the difference between phase training and regular training

*         Discover why adaptation means the difference between gaining muscle or not

*         Learn the truth about muscle overload and the single best factor to achieve it

*         Discover the single best muscle overload techniques you can use

*         Why the intensity of training is the deciding factor between muscle gains or not

*         Discover THE best exercises to do for muscle growth and HOW to do them

*         Why compound movements are your best bet for packing on muscle.

*         How to choose which exercises to spend most of your time on

*         Why recuperation after training will make all the difference with muscle gains

*         How your lifestyle can either help or hurt muscle growth

*         Why stress is so negative when it comes to trying to gain muscle

*         How your diet can either make or break your muscle building goals.

*         How much fat and how much protein do you need for muscle growth?

*         Are supplements worth using to gain muscle? If so, which ones?

*        Find out specific programs you can use to add shape, mass, and pumps

*        What is a "multi-angle mass attack" and how it can help you gain muscle

*        Get exercise descriptions for each and every exercise you need to do

*        Learn how to make your workouts shorter, more effective, and more efficient.

*        Discover the rep and set range you need for the most muscle gains possible.

*        Learn how many days to train and how many muscle groups to do

*        Discover how many workouts a week is best for gaining muscle.

*        Learn how to naturally increase your testosterone. Testosterone helps you build muscle, increases your sex drive, and makes you look and feel young.

*        Learn how to add 2 inches of muscle to your arms in as little as 7 weeks.

*        Get simple exercises guaranteed to make you into a "mass monster".

*        THE real reason hard-gainers never reach their true muscle building potential.

*        How to force your body to create new muscle until you reach your genetic peak.

*        A complete step-by-step workout that transforms your body in 30 days or less.

Look - if you honestly want to get BIG, you MUST understand how important it is to train the right way. It's NOT just about going to the gym and throwing weights around.

You've got to train hard AND smart. That's why I've made it so simple for you to finally start getting results.

If you want MORE muscle size, FASTER than you could ever dream of... this is your chance. I've finally revealed everything, for the first time ever.

Some of our clients have added 30 pounds of muscle in just weeks... without adding an ounce of fat. Another client added 100 lbs. to his bench press and 200 lbs. to his squat!

There will be no limits to how big your arms can be! Your buddies will ask you why you're getting bigger and stronger while they're NOT.

By getting this manual, you'll have the secrets of attaining real, rock-solid, sustained muscle gains each time you hit the gym. You'll be on a different level than everyone else.

Guys will be coming up to YOU in the gym, dying to know your secrets.

This workout program is so effective... the average guy who used it gained 10 pounds of muscle in a month. A few even packed on 30 pounds of muscle...

With Little To No Fat Gained at all!

Besides incredible muscle gains, guys testing this workout also increased their overall strength by up to 48%.

Strength on bench press, squats, deadlifts, military presses and calf raises shot through the roof as well.

This workout isn't for everybody. If you can't devote at LEAST 3 hours per week total and follow the program to the letter... this isn't for you.

On the other hand, if this isn't a problem... then...

Even A "Hard-Gainer" Can Pack On At Least 10 Pounds Of Muscle In The Next 30 Days... Guaranteed!

Since this workout is so effective, scientists believe that EVEN hard gainers can now reach their genetic muscular potential in half the time it normally takes.

These muscle building secrets will finally produce the gains you've been looking for.

You'd spend thousands of dollars hiring a personal trainer to get this information. Most trainers charge around $50 for one session. At just three sessions per week that's almost $9,000 a year!

But since we can offer this system to you as an ebook... you don't have to spend the money on a personal trainer.

If you order today, your investment in this muscle building system is now only $79.00 $37.00

ORDER NOW And Receive These
2 Gifts, Worth AT LEAST $98.97, Absolutely Free!

1.    The Matrix System Audio Seminar

The audio Seminar is a complete overview of the Matrix Mass System Program. It summarizes and explains each Critical Growth Factor in detail. It's designed for those who want to jump into the program and start working out that very same day!

2.    Bodybuilding Supplement Handbook

This guide reviews the most effective muscle-building supplements. It's a complete resource which explains exact dosages, timing and effects of specific nutrients.

No-Risk Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee:

You know... I'm confident this program will help you gain muscle in less time.

But even so, I want to eliminate all worry for you. Go ahead and order right now and take a full 3 months to try out the techniques.

If you're not completely thrilled and 100% satisfied with what it's done for you, just ask and you'll receive a full and total refund.

Absolutely no questions asked. Period.

So please, don't procrastinate and "think about it".

In just a few short weeks... you can have a body that makes you feel great and lifts your self-confidence to a limit you never thought possible.

And the truth is, you have nothing to lose and a ton of muscle mass to gain.

Don't keep doing the same thing... and keep getting the same results. You can make these simple changes and literally DOUBLE your muscle gains in half the time.

The choice is easy. Go ahead and take the next step. Use this as a shortcut guide that can lead you to a new muscular body in a lot less time!

So order today and get...The Matrix Mass Training Manual, The Matrix System Audio Seminar, and the Bodybuilding Supplement Handbook

Here's what to do now:

Click the link below and order with your credit card or check online and you'll be downloading the ebook and bonuses in just a minute!


Lester Maurice

P.S. Now you can skyrocket your gains, make your workouts more powerful than ever, and learn the most potent muscle-growing secrets on the planet! 

P.P.S. Remember - this program is backed up by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Put it to the test for a full 90 days. If your gains don't blow you away after using "Matrix Mass" ... you get your money back. No hassles, no questions asked.Top of Form

Why work your butt off for no results. Save the aggravation by using this program.

NOTE: Matrix Mass is a downloadable ebook. No physical products will be shipped to you in the mail. After you order, you'll be sent the download info. The training manual and supplement handbook are adobe acrobat PDF files, which can be viewed on Mac or PC. The audio seminar is in MP3 format.

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